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Volunteer Reserve Firefighter
Title:Volunteer Reserve Firefighter
Department:Riverside County Fire

Riverside County Fire Department
Volunteer Reserve Firefighter

This is an Unpaid Volunteer Position



Description Created: April 2011



Volunteer Reserve Firefighters assist the Riverside County Fire Department in firefighting

activities and the provision of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). They respond to alarms as

members of fire crews to protect life and property using various fire apparatus, equipment, tools,

and devices, while ensuring their proper use and maintenance. Teamwork, personal investment,

and self-sacrifice are the basis of the social framework of a Volunteer Reserve Firefighter.

Volunteer Reserve Firefighters also provide a variety of community services.

Firefighting requires each individual member to perform a variety of duties, be responsible for

responding to calls within the community, and sometimes assist other neighboring communities

during mutual aid responses. This can range from structural firefighting, wildland firefighting,

removing severely injured people from auto accidents, treating people who have been victims of

crimes, to delivering babies. Volunteer Reserve Firefighters will frequently participate in

emergency medical service activity. Volunteer Reserve Firefighters are trained as Emergency

Medical Technicians, First Responders or Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). They

administer varying degrees of emergency medical aid to injured people under extreme conditions

involving trauma, illness, and personal tragedy. In addition, Volunteer Reserve Firefighters may

be required to perform other duties as assigned.



The examples of functions listed in this class specification are representative but not necessarily

exhaustive or descriptive of any one position in the class. Management is not precluded from

assigning other related functions not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment for

the position. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable an individual with a qualified

disability to perform the essential functions of a job, on a case-by-case basis.

Essential Functions:

Volunteer Reserve Firefighter: performs firefighting activities and provides Emergency Medical

Services (EMS), as well as a variety of community services. Under either direct or indirect

supervision, Volunteer Reserve Firefighters respond to alarms as members of fire crews to

protect life and property using various fire apparatus, equipment, tools, and devices. Duties may

include, but are not limited to:

Carrying and advancing a charged large diameter hose line into a burning building or onto steep

terrain for brushfires.

Entering buildings under adverse fire conditions.

Making forcible entry into buildings.

Searching for fire victims and/or removing victims to safety.

Working in high, open, and confined places.

Carrying, raising, and extending ladders to assist victims down ladders and away from danger.

Carrying heavy equipment and power tools up and down ladders or stairs.

Using a variety of tools to remove walls and ceilings.

Operating power extrication equipment to assist in patient removal from motor vehicles.

Carrying patients over rough or uneven terrain for considerable distances.



Each Volunteer Reserve brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills and

abilities to the team. Knowledge, skills and abilities that are particularly applicable to this type of

assignment include:

Must have the ability to work effectively under the stress of emergency situations and calmly and

effectively handle others in emergency situations.

Must have the ability to read, comprehend and implement new and updated information, such as

hazardous materials information, medical information, or changes in policy or procedures.

Must have the ability to apply information in a logical manner; maintain composure, confront

stressful situations, and withstand the effects of repeated exposure to traumatic situations.

Must have the ability to engage in moderate to strenuous physical activity.

Must have the ability to learn and utilize appropriate radio protocol in order to communicate with

other fire and emergency medical services personnel.

Must have the ability to take and follow orders from supervisors.

Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with community

personnel, other fire agencies, outside agencies, and the general public.



Volunteer Reserve Firefighters must possess the physical, mental, and emotional ability to

successfully perform the essential and often arduous duties of such an assignment. The physical

characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met:

Frequently stand, walk, sit, kneel, stoop, squat, bend, strain, stretch, contort, pinch, grip, push,

pull, twist, reach over and below head and/or shoulders, carry, crawl, climb, walk with weight (for

considerable distances), or lift/remove a victim and place on a stretcher.

Frequently wear a firefighter turnout coat, helmet, self-contained breathing apparatus (backpack

and cylinder weighing approximately 44 pounds) and gloves.

Frequently climb a ladder of at least 35 feet and/or carry a ladder weighing approximately 75


Frequently use your various senses, such as: talking, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling (identify

objects by touch), depth perception and peripheral vision to respond to emergencies within


May occasionally be exposed to high noise levels.

Must be able to walk on uneven ground or walk for long periods of time.

Must be able to assist victims down ladders; carry fire hose and other heavy equipment up and

down ladders, stairs, or hills and steep topography.

Must be able to hold a flowing hose line for long periods of time and shut off a flowing line while

maintaining control of the hose line.

Must be able to continuously move the neck upward, downward and sideways.



Must be a high school graduate or have passed the GED Requirements at time of appointment.

Be able to read and write English at a level required for successful job performance.

Be at least 18 years of age.

Possess current CPAT (http://www.cffjac.org/go/jac/cpat/) or Biddle card.



Graduation from a Community College Basic Training Academy.

Previous experience as a volunteer or reserve firefighter.

California State Firefighter 1.

Possession of a current EMT-B National Registry Certificate

Retired/former fire service professionals



Volunteer Reserve Firefighters will be called upon to respond and work in all types of weather

and less than ideal conditions. They may be assigned to remote areas. They may work 24-hour

shifts, sometimes on weekends and holidays and live in a fire station with others during shifts;

Volunteer Reserves could be exposed to, and have to enter, hazardous atmospheres and areas

and will be expected to work in a safe manner. They must be able to provide emergency medical

response and remain calm. They may be exposed to various diseases. They will likely engage in

strenuous physical activity during the course of firefighting and other emergency activities.

Volunteer Reserves may be exposed to physical and emotional hazards associated with

firefighting, emergency medical response and rescue.

Desirable Traits:

Communicates effectively, knowledge worker, customer focused, values and respects others,

drives to excel, teamwork and collaboration, continuous learning, demonstrates ethical behavior

and supportive to change.



Riverside County Volunteer Reserve Firefighters must have a reputation for honesty and

trustworthiness. Successful completion of a background investigation conducted by the County of

Riverside Human Resources is required. Misdemeanor and/or felony convictions may be

disqualifying depending on type, number, severity, and recency. In addition, personal references

and employment information will be verified.

Volunteer Reserve Firefighter’s serve at the pleasure of the Riverside County Fire Chief

and may be separated at any time. Volunteer Reserves have no employment rights with

the County of Riverside and are not considered employees.



Applications may be obtained at www.rvcfire.org as positions are open and available. All required

documentation must be submitted with the application including a resume. 

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