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Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operator
Title:Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operator
Department:Riverside County Fire

Riverside County Fire Department

Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operator

This is an Unpaid Volunteer Position



Description Created: April 2011



The Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operator position is a non-firefighter support position. This

position is responsible for but not limited to driving water tender vehicles, operating water tender

pumps, setting up empty portable tanks, and to supply water to fire apparatus. Provides additional

water supply to suppress fires of all types including but not limited to structure, wildland, and

vehicle fires.

This position is not authorized to engage in fire suppression operations and when at the scene of

an emergency works under the direction of the incident commander or his/her designee.



The examples of functions listed in this class specification are representative but not necessarily

exhaustive or descriptive of any one position in the class. Management is not precluded from

assigning other related functions not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment for

the position.

Essential Functions:

Safely responds to and returns from emergency incidents

Fills a water tender vehicle.

Operates fire pumps on various fire apparatus

Sets up empty portable tanks.

Supplies water to fire apparatus.

Drags hoses from water tender to fire engine.

Cleans, replaces and stores various fire hose

Operates mobile radios.

Maintains and monitors assigned equipment.

Provides additional water supply to suppress fires.

Inspects, maintains and monitors water tender vehicle for maintenance.

Performs all other related duties as assigned by a supervisor.

Maintains a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with all appropriate OSHA laws,

regulations, and rules.



Each Volunteer Reserve brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills and

abilities to the team. Knowledge that is particularly applicable to this type of assignment includes:

Must have the ability to work calmly under the stress of emergency situations.

Must have the ability to stand and sit for long periods of time.

Must have the ability to operate water tender trucks during various times of day.

Must have the ability to remember new and updated detailed complex information; such as

changes in policy and procedures.

Must have the ability to apply information in a logical manner.

Must have the ability to maintain composure.

Must have the ability to confront stressful situations.

Must have the ability to withstand the effects of exposure to traumatic situations.

Must have the ability to learn and utilize appropriate radio protocol with fire and emergency

medical services personnel.

Must have the ability to follow orders from supervisors.

Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with community

personnel, other fire agencies, outside agencies, and the general public.



Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operator’s must possess the mental and emotional ability to

successfully perform the essential duties of such an assignment. This position operates under

day and nighttime hours, adverse weather and fire conditions, and on rural narrow roads. The

physical characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met:

Frequently must be able to endure long shifts.

Frequently involves extended periods of time away from home.

Frequently carries, twists, pulls, and tugs a hose to fill the tender from a hydrant or portable tank

to fill a tank or engine.

Frequently carries hoses weighing between 25 to 50 pounds.

Must frequently be able to open and close intake and discharge valves that are connected to


Occasionally involves complex decision making.



Previous experience desirable but not required; AND,

Must be a high school graduate or have passed the GED Requirements at time of appointment.

Be able to read and write English at a level required for successful job performance.

Be at least 18 years of age.

A valid California Driver’s License Class appropriate for the vehicle being driven is required at

time of appointment and must be maintained throughout time serving in this position.

Prior to beginning any water tender driver activities the Volunteer Reserve must:

Meet any and all training requirements as outlined in the department’s Training Matrix for the

position of Water Tender Operator. Approved candidates may be assigned to ride with

experienced operators prior to responding to an incident alone if directed by the Training Bureau.



Volunteer Reserve Water Tender Operators will be called upon to respond and work in all types

of weather and less than ideal conditions. They may be assigned to remote areas. They may

work 24-hour shifts, sometimes on weekends and holidays and live in a fire station with others

during shifts.

Desirable Traits:

Communicates effectively, knowledge worker, customer focused, values and respects others,

drives to excel, teamwork and collaboration, continuous learning, demonstrates ethical behavior

and supportive to change.



Riverside County Volunteer Reserve’s must have a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness.

Successful completion of a background investigation conducted by the County of Riverside

Human Resources is required. Misdemeanor and/or felony convictions may be disqualifying

depending on type, number and severity. In addition, personal references and employment

information will be verified.

Volunteer Reserve’s serve at the pleasure of the Riverside County Fire Chief and may be

separated at any time. Volunteer Reserves have no employment rights with the County of

Riverside and are not considered employees.



Applications may be obtained at www.rvcfire.org as positions are open and available. All required

documentation must be submitted with the application including a resume. 

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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